Business Meeting


Expert Guidance

LEVI has a long history on the Turkish market.
The company has the honor to represent, since decades, various companies with worldwide reputation and to provide them its professional services. The company’s shareholders and managers manage its various divisions which are experienced in their fields:

  • Pharmaceutical Division: The pharma division exclusively represents various leading Chinese producers of
    pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates and active ingredients. It provides professional services to the leading producers of pharmaceuticals in Turkey.

  • Paper Division: The papers division is active in various papers, including speciality papers and exclusively represents various leading producers of papers for the Turkish market, located in various countries all over the world.

  • Chemicals & Minerals Division: LDT has the honor to exclusively represent for Turkey, since four decades, the world’s leading aluminum oxide and other abrasive raw materials producer IMERYS FUSED MINERALS (Treibacher Alodur).

  • Production lines and machines: LDT has the honor to represent in Turkey various leading Chinese which produce complete production lines for the pharmaceutical, beverages, food processing, comestible and industrial oils and many other lines.

  • Water Technologies: LDT is honored to represent IDE Technologies, who is the world leader in water-treatment solutions.